Welcome to Stationery House, your one-stop destination for all your office and school stationery needs. We pride ourselves on being a complete stationery house, offering a wide range of exclusive products to cater to your requirements. From office supplies to school essentials, bar code labels to exclusive pens, birthday return gifts to imported stationery, art and craft materials to designer sheets and stones, we have it all!

At Stationery House, we understand the importance of quality and variety. That’s why we stock an extensive range of products to meet your diverse needs. Whether you’re a professional seeking premium stationery for your office or a student looking for the perfect tools to fuel your creativity, we have the right items for you.

One of our specialities is the manufacture of plain and pre-printed continuous computer stationery. We offer high-quality paper products that are compatible with various computer systems, ensuring smooth and efficient printing experiences. Additionally, we produce BOPP self-adhesive tape, thermal paper rolls, mono cartoons (for the pharmaceutical and FMCG industries), and packing boxes to meet your packaging needs.

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